Tuesday, November 19, 2013

tis' the season...

Just as Fall is disappearing and we are creeping into winter, LA finally starts showing signs of “something beyond Sunshine.” I have to admit, I enjoy it. I love a good crisp morning and cool evening. Basically, being able to do any physical activity (walking included) without sweating, pleases me.

I’m still obsessed with pumpkin EVERYTHING and I’m trying to mentally prepare myself to enjoy all the yummy food without eating everything in sight (my usual motto). So far so good, but you don’t usually have too much temptation pre-thanksgiving.
I’m also dyyyyyingggggg to start watching my favorite Christmas Movies!! EEkS!!

I’m forcing myself to wait until after Turkey Day to dive into Christmas music, but it’s been all I can do to not check out Kelly Clarkson’s new holiday album, and listen to a trio of goodies from my friend’s band, Beta Wolf.
I am absolutely going to make it a point to go ice skating this winter! It’s so much fun and it’s been far too long since I’ve been. I also bought an awesome groupon deal for a holiday cruise that I’m SO looking forward to enjoying with my friends, and the slumber party that follows!

Time is just flying by these days! I can’t believe it’s already almost 2014, but I’m also very excited about it!
What are some of your favorite holiday things to do?
xox, kristi

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

...Ask For It!

Photo Credit /Edited by me!

On Friday, I was particularly inspired by this quote from “The Carrie Diaries.” I find myself relating to “young” Carrie in many ways, she’s always wanting to please everyone and make everyone else happy above and beyond herself, but finds herself feeling confused and let down at times.

I know, a simple statement, but one of those that made me drop my phone (yes, I was also scanning Pinterest) and rewind. I spent about 10 minutes thinking about situations that I am currently/have been in where I knew exactly what I wanted but was too scared to ask for it. Not just with boys but with friends too, I know exactly what I feel or what I want but I want to be “easy going”, I’m scared of the reaction from saying what I want, etc...

There was a particular situation that I knew exactly what I wanted to say about how I was feeling, so why wait? I thoughtfully wrote it out first and felt happy with what I wanted to say *send text*…I got a somewhat quick response that promised more later. Internal “Yay!” for saying what I wanted, actually I’m sure there was a verbal too, I may have been a couple glasses of wine in? Anyway, the “more later” response never came.

TOTAL bummer, Right?

I initially thought that my fears were wrong, only to turn out that meh, they were probably right.

 *insert downward spiral of sadness*  KIDDING!

Ok, I was/am a little bummed out, but I definitely have some peace in knowing that I said what I felt. There is nothing I was withholding from my end about what I wanted or expected from the situation. This made not getting it a little easier to take, at least I was 100% honest, and being honest can be hard.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

checking in...

hey there!
It's been WAY too long. I was catching up on my favy blogs last night (specifically Anne The Adventurer) and I spent, what felt like hours, trying to fall asleep because my brain was hopping all over the place. I love the rework that Lauren did, and I feel like I have the bare bones to get active.
I keep trying to take the pressure off of myself to make it perfect, and make sure that the topics follow the name, which is so brilliant, THANKS MATT!! I can't let it go. So how to proceed...
I was commenting on one of Anne's posts last night when I realized some of what had been contributing to my lack of writing. It was a post on friendship and I was commenting about how I am always an open book, if someone asks me a question, I don't think twice about answering...so why aren't I blogging away?
I spent a lot of time thinking about it last night. I guess I'm trying to manage expectations I don't even know exist!?! I'm afraid I'm going to say something that will upset or offend someone I care about, or what if a guy I like stumbles upon this and doesn't like me anymore? First step to a problem is admitting it...right? Ok. I just admitted my fears.
  • Not living up to expectations
  • Potentially hurting someone I care about
  • Potentially making a guy "not like me anymore"
Really? Just saying it makes me embarrassed! I'm no where near perfect, I'll always be a mess, my friends and people who know me already know this. I'm crazy, fun, loud, quiet, scared, easily excited...I could go on for hours...(don't worry I won't). Overall, I'm pretty fucking happy with who I am. Yep. I said it.
So I refuse to let these fears get the best of me! I also will not let myself get the best of me either. I have a few ideas to get a little more active, that will hopefully lead to a LOT more active...but I just wanted to check in and say "HEY, I'M AWESOME! & GET READY TO SEE MORE OF ME!"
Hahaha and if you've been reading...thanks for sticking around.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Follow Me with Bloglovin'

I read SOOOOOOOOOOOO many blog posts! I love it! I feel connected, inspired, and it fuels me to want to be a part of this space.

I've been using Bloglovin' for years now, it's AMAZING how convenient it is!

Here are some of the things I LOVE about it:
  • Organize your blog feed by category (ie: work/beauty related vs. fun/personal)
  • See all unread posts in one feed
  • "Like" Button, un-Like Facebook, your likes are all saved to a special feed you can refer back to! It's SO helpful when I find a DIY that I want to try or something that just moves me, I can quickly go back and find it.
Needless to say, it's made my blog reading so much more organized and efficient. I love it and HIGHLY recommend using it! Also, you can find me on there and follow along that way as well!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

stupid cold.

Update! I stood in the pouring rain for over 5 hours on Memorial Day for a good spot to see Imagine Dragons & The Lumineers perform. This decision, that I wouldn't take back, was a breeding ground for the fresh new cold that's taken over my life the last couple days! :( Sneezing my face off, but I promise a Sasquatch recap is coming soon!

xox, Kristi

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to take my first vacation in almost a DECADE!!! One week until 4 days of camping, singing, music, and friendship! It's gonna be AMAZE!

xox, kristi

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beautiful Mess Photo App - Review/Lovesession!!!

A Beautiful Mess Photo App is here!
(photo cred: a beautiful mess)
As you'll learn (if you haven't already), my bloggy inspiration and general life inspiration came from following one of my favorite blogs....

A Beautiful Mess, Elsie and Emma are just so stinking cute and loveable and talented! I love everything about being on their blog - each post feels personal and fun and easy to connect with.

As if their brand couldn't get any better with the blog, clothing, books, and DIYs...they now have my new most favorite photo editing app!! I can already tell my photos will never be the same!! EEKS!

Here are some photo's I've edited using the app (as well as some of my favorite features)...

I love how you can make a photo more intersting whether it's subtle or a bigger change, you can bring LIFE to it, I mean, ok, you're capturing life, but you know what I mean!

Cake Attack!!! I used: Dreamland Filter & Phase: yum!
My entry way! Tootsy can now speak ;) I used: Dreamland Filter, Voice Bubble Doodle, & Font: Paper Cute
Wilson Phillips May 2013! I used the Poppy Filter, Phrase: Lovely, Font: Cocobella
My baby boo! I used the Poppy Filter, Circle Dotty Border, Font: Hello I Like You

I'm already completely in love with the Poppy Filter and Cocobella Font!
So if you made it this far and still haven't downloaded the app.... GET ON IT! ;)
xox, Kristi