Thursday, May 9, 2013

hello again.

it's been a while...

if any of you followed my tumblr version of this blog, you can see that i'm in a new space (yay!) and there will be a few changes.

first, i have to say how happy i am to be doing this again. it allows me to be creative and share my thoughts with the world - but also attacks the perfectionist in me. before, i had put SO much pressure on myself for every post to be perfect and planned, etc...etc... that it turned into something that i'm not ready for, maybe someday, but not now.

i am also making a commitment to be more vulnerable. i remember wanting to talk about boys or dating and then being terrified that if i began to date someone and they saw this, maybe they would judge me, have opinions, or possibly feel threatened that i would share things here. i definitely think that some things are meant to be kept private or with a select few friends, but at the same time, i love learning from other people and want to allow other people to maybe learn for my mistakes/successes.

basically, i want this place to feel organic (at least for the time being) and unplanned and just enjoy it.

what you can still expect:
occasional sundays with stan
etiquette wins and fails
what i find pinteresting
and some more added newness...

here we go!

xox, kristi

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