Tuesday, November 5, 2013

...Ask For It!

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On Friday, I was particularly inspired by this quote from “The Carrie Diaries.” I find myself relating to “young” Carrie in many ways, she’s always wanting to please everyone and make everyone else happy above and beyond herself, but finds herself feeling confused and let down at times.

I know, a simple statement, but one of those that made me drop my phone (yes, I was also scanning Pinterest) and rewind. I spent about 10 minutes thinking about situations that I am currently/have been in where I knew exactly what I wanted but was too scared to ask for it. Not just with boys but with friends too, I know exactly what I feel or what I want but I want to be “easy going”, I’m scared of the reaction from saying what I want, etc...

There was a particular situation that I knew exactly what I wanted to say about how I was feeling, so why wait? I thoughtfully wrote it out first and felt happy with what I wanted to say *send text*…I got a somewhat quick response that promised more later. Internal “Yay!” for saying what I wanted, actually I’m sure there was a verbal too, I may have been a couple glasses of wine in? Anyway, the “more later” response never came.

TOTAL bummer, Right?

I initially thought that my fears were wrong, only to turn out that meh, they were probably right.

 *insert downward spiral of sadness*  KIDDING!

Ok, I was/am a little bummed out, but I definitely have some peace in knowing that I said what I felt. There is nothing I was withholding from my end about what I wanted or expected from the situation. This made not getting it a little easier to take, at least I was 100% honest, and being honest can be hard.

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