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hello there. I wanted to create this space to share my life, love for music, pretty things, and journey to “living like a lady”.

I was raised in a small town by my dad. I was always taught the staples, “Please” and “Thank You” but proper etiquette has always interested me. Maybe because I didn’t have a constant “modern” mother figure in my life (my lovely Grandma seemed a little too old fashioned). I dreamed of going to a finishing school (Do they still exist?) and learn how to go from tomboy to lady. I would wonder…How do you have a meaningful conversation with a stranger? Do you always leave a tip and how much is appropriate? Is a hand written thank you really better than a thoughtful email? Is it ok to touch up your makeup in public? What do I wear to a wedding? I’m going to find out.

Living in a big city (Los Angeles) where greeting a stranger is more of a threat than an act of kindness. Horns are honking out of anger instead of a friendly wave. Spouting out a “How Are You”, “Please”, and “Thank You” are more of a reflex than a genuine remark. Conversing outside of texting / Facebook? Forget it! It makes me wonder how we got this way? I am the first to admit that I am a guilty party in these un-lady like actions.

In addition, I hope to share all of my favorite things. Everything from music listening, cat loving, shop-a-holicing, food eating, life living awesome experiences... and maybe a few pin wins and pin fails to satisfy my pinterest obsession.

*drumroll please*

Let the journey begin!

politely yours,

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